The Vacuum Sludge Dewatering Bed uses a simple, efficient and cost-effective technology. It has become the system of choice for many sludge dewatering applications throughout the world. It accomplishes rapid dewatering of most types of municipal waste and water treatment sludges, as well as variety of industrial sludges.

The VSDB system combines the overall simplicity of conventional sand beds with the faster handling of sludges associated with mechanical systems. For most sludges, the result is a liftable cake suitable for handling within 24 hours.

The advantages are several:
The System

How the Vacuum Sludge Dewatering Bed (VSDB) Works
Sludge is spread on the media plates through sludge inlet line valved discharge ports. Prior to this discharge, polymer is injected into the sludge and rapidly mixed at the polymer/sludge blender.

Gravity dewatering begins as the bed is filling. The clear liquid, separated from the flocculated solids flows down through the porous media, through the support plenum and out of the bed structure.

After the bed is filled to maximum liquid level, the conditioned sludge feed is shut off. The vacuum pump is started creating a vacuum in the plenum and media causing a uniform pressure on top of the cake. Motorised filtrate drain valves automatically controlled by level sensors discharge the filtrate from the plenum of the VSDB. Typically, filtrate suspend solids are less than 30 mg/l, indicating very high solids capture in the dewatered sludge.

As the sludge continues to consolidate and shrink, the resulting cake will start to crack. This will continue until the bed is uniformly cracked and the vacuum gradually lost. As the plenum area loses vacuum the vacuum pumps shut down.The stop-gates can now be removed to allow a front-end loader access to the bed to remove the dewatered sludge.

The surface is then washed down with high pressure, low volume water. This washdown water is discharged to the sewer or directed back to the head of the plant.

Following cleaning, the stop-gates are placed beck into position and the facility is ready for another dewatering cycle. A complete dewatering cycle is typically 24 hours.

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