Geiger MultiDisc® Water Intake Screen


The MultiDisc® Screen is the innovative technology of Geiger Water Technologies for intake water screening. Applied as last screening stage in water intakes of power stations, desalination plants, pumping stations, etc. the MultiDisc® represents one of the greatest breakthroughs of the last 20-30 years in the screening technology of large water intakes.

It has a so-called through-flow stream pattern, meaning that the screened water flows right straight through the screen surface without any deviation or direction change, as usual in dualflow travelling band screens. The MultiDisc® is therefore the natural upgrade of old through-flow travelling band screens, which are typically affected by high maintenance costs and suffer from an issue known as debris carry-over.

The main components of MultiDisc® screens are made in plastic or stainless steel (various grades), making it suitable for fresh as well as sea water application. The most innovative feature of MultiDisc® is the sickle-shaped screening panel made of perforated plastic that allows for better cleaning performance and longer lifetime than traditional wire mesh panels.

Thanks to its unique technical features the MultiDisc® screen achieves following objectives:
  • High long term reliability
  • Optimal cleaning performance
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Reduction of installation time & cost
  • Reduction of civil structure dimensions


The Geiger MultiDisc® Screen consist of rotating sickle-shaped mesh panels made of wire mesh or of perforated plastic (PE or POM). A single carrier chain connects the panels at the rear and runs through a deflection unit at the bottom and a sprocket coupled with a drive unit at the top. The mesh panels run on guide ways on both sides and form a unit together with the supporting structure.

The retained debris is transported to floor level by debris carries and efficiently removed using a spray-water device. This device is situated behind the mesh panels, cleaning them intensively in both an upwards and downwards direction.

The Geiger MultiDisc® Screen are installed in the free channel and fixed to the side walls. As they are installed across the channel they require much less space than standard Travelling Bad Screens, helping to considerably save on construction costs.


  • Compact design = significant savings in construction costs
  • Fast and simple plug-in installation
  • Fish protection-compliant (EPA CWA 316b)
  • Low operating costs: Only one maintenance-free side bar chain
  • Easy maintenance; mesh panels can be changed at floor level (no need for channel dewatering)
  • Lower head loss; water only passes through the screen once
  • Intensive and efficient cleaning of the mesh panels
  • Zero carryover of debris to the clean water side

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