Finnchain has vast experience in manufacturing chain scrapers for water and wastewater treatment plants.

The internationally patented Finnchain system is based on high quality materials and components. Every detail is carefully designed, aiming at a system which is maintenance free and has a long service life.

All components in the Finnchain system are corrosion resistant. Materials were choosen focusing on actual need: wear-prone parts are made of plastic materials, whereas static parts requiring high strength are made of stainless or acid resistant steel.

A well executed installtion greatly contributes to trouble free system operation. Special attention in the system design has therefore been paid to simplify installation and ease of maintenance:

  • plastic parts are light to handle
  • idler wheels are adjustable to facilitate easy alignment procedures
  • plastic bottom rails and scraper flight wear pads are shaped to guide flight travel and to prevent derailment
  • drive shaft glide bearings are self aligning

Low power consumption and operation costs, easy handling and long life make the Finnchain system the best possible choice and investment available. The Finnchain collector systems are suitable for different sizes and types of tanks (primary and secondary settling tanks, flotation tanks, grit scrapers etc.)

From the Finnchain system, different types of chains and flights for small,
medium and large tanks are available.

Type A. Bottom and surface scraper
Collector chains run over four (4) sets of sprocket wheels per tank side so that the flights clean the sludge from the tank bottom and push it to the tank end for removal. On the return run the scraper flights move the scum to the opposite tank end to the scum removal channel.

Type B. Bottom collector
Collector chains run over 3 sets of sprockets wheels per tank side so that the flights clean the sludge from the tank bottom.

Type C. Bottom scraper
Collector chains run over 2 sets of sprockets wheels per tank side so that the flights clean the sludge from the tank bottom. As the collectors are running entirely in the tank bottom, they leave the middle part and the top of the tank free for installation of lamellas.

Type D. Surface scum collector
The surface scraper skims surface scum to the scum pipe. All scraper flights are equipped with a rubber blade. See also FinnFlow systems.

Type E. Grit scraper
Grit scraper with scraper flights and rails in stainless steel.
The collector chains run in the tank bottom over two sets of wheels so that the flights clean the grit into the pit.

Type F. Cross collector
Cross collector is a chain scraping system, which is installed in sludge pit. It can be type B or C depending on the tank structure.

Type G. Double layer tank scraper
Double layer tanks are deep tanks with scraper systems on top of each other. The scraper systems are generally of type A or B or a combination. Because of the difficulty of maintenance, operational reliability plays a crucial part.

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