• For circular tanks with straight or inclined bottoms
  • Flight are composed of light- weight GRP segments
  • Single, double and multiple flight versions available
  • Optional integrated scum skimming
  • Tanks can be easily covered, because there are no obstructing bridge structures
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low investment cost
  • Simple, fast and economical installation
  • Extended service life due to employment of ConicPin TM chain

The biggest stress on chain is on the thicker end of conical pin. The large bearing surface makes less wearing. The most important component in chain collector for circular tank is collector chain, because it travels in abnormal position for standard chains. This is the reason why we have developed own special chain, conical pin chain, for circular tanks. With conical pins we need 50% less tensioning force to keep chain in line than with the conventional straight pin chains.

Adjustable drive wheel and Chain Watch
The advantages brought by adjustable drive wheel and Chain Watch that has been proven excellent in rectangular tanks can now be fully used also for circular tanks.

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